The Life

One week every Summer, a suburban Chicago family of five would pack up the station wagon and join a caravan of friends and family on their annual fishing trip to Northern Minnesota. ARE WE THERE YET? While all of their friends were going to Disneyland and Sea World, the brothers spent their only family vacation every year on a lake, inside of a forest, in the middle of nowhere.

What the brothers realized was that no matter what everyone else was doing or where anyone else was going, that lake inside of that forest, in the middle of nowhere was their “Happy Place”. A place where fun, family and friends were in abundance. A place where all of their worries just drifted away.

No matter how far you think you have to drive, there is never a sign that says “You’ve arrived”. It’s just a feeling you get and that’s why Driftwood Grille was created. Forget all the packing. Forget all the planning. Let us transport you to a place where you can gather, relax and enjoy life at your own pace. Driftwood Grille is our 21st Century take on the classic Northwoods supper club. It is “destination dining” at its’ core. We will never rush you because we need to fill the next table. The warm and inviting atmosphere was created as a place to meet friends, be with family, talk to strangers, or just relax and unwind. It is a place where you can sip on one of our signature old fashioneds, Manhattans, or martinis or explore our 32 local craft drafts. Our kitchen is a scratch kitchen….nothing frozen and nothing out of a box. It’s comfort food with a culinary twist. From our shore lunch walleye entrée to our beer battered cheese curds, absolutely everything our kitchen produces is made in house. Our 30 ounce, 24 day wet aged Prime Tomahawk ribeye is waiting for that birthday treat, retirement dinner, or special occasion. Our Friday All-You-Can-Eat fish fry, our Saturday slow roasted prime rib, and our weekend Supper Club feature card put the finishing touches on a menu that is unrivaled. But it’s not just the food and it’s not just the drinks, it’s the life. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve been transported up north and leave your worries behind. We want you to experience that at Driftwood Grille.

Seven days a week, we’ll be here to help you celebrate friends, family, and fun. We want to be your “Happy place”. That place where YOU leave all your worries behind. So, take a deep breath and come on in. It’s time to unwind.